Nautical and marine decoration company, with a central warehouse and offices located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), specialized in the manufacture, distribution and selling of all types of marine decoration for individuals, restaurants, hotels and business events.
We have a modeling workshop where the second generation of modelers work, making all
kinds of boat reproductions, at any scale.

Our facilities are Offices in Sant Cugat del Vallès, exhibition and sales in Rubí (Barcelona), naval
model workshop in Rubí (Barcelona) and warehouses in Barcelona and Girona.

From our website ( we sell 30% Spain, 60% Europe and 10%
rest of the world. We have suppliers with more than 10,000 references, where we highlight
the following:
  • Wall decoration such as rudders, oars, nets, hanging, racks, flags, buoys, life guard, wooden and metal plates, wickets, mirrors.
  • Lighting, with table, foot or ceiling lamps.
  • Ancient simulated nautical instruments, such as compasses, sextants, spyglasses, solar quadrants, etc.
  • All kinds of model boats, as vintage boats, sailboats, fishing boats and motor boats.
  • Knots pictures or pictures on canvas.
  • Lighthouses of all sizes, with or without internal light.
  • Melamine tableware for boats or pools.
  • Conch, shells and natural corals.
  • Clothing and accessories, polo shirts, bags, backpacks.

The founding partners of NAUTICADECOR are great lovers of everything related to the sea and
especially with the marine and nautical decoration that you can find here, as well as great


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