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25.995 £ Incl. VAT

Bayliner 642 Cuddy

135ch Mercruiser (Gas.)

Cabin Boat, Open


  • 2015
  • Lg. 6.53m.
  • 2berth
25.995 £ Incl. VAT

Bayliner 642 Cuddy

135ch Mercruiser (Gas.)

Cabin Boat, Open


  • 2015
  • Lg. 6.53m.
  • 2berth

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Sailboats recently published

2.987 £ Incl. VAT

Master Marine Eygthene 24

8ch 1GM Yanmar (Die.)

Fixed Keel


  • 1980
  • Lg. 7.04m.
  • 4berth
10.629 £ Incl. VAT

Mirage 2700

18ch 2GM20 Yanmar (Die.)

Bilge Keel


  • 1981
  • Lg. 7.62m.

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Technical Specifications of Motor BoatsAll you need to know about the latest boats tried by Youboat journalists

Within the open club of more than 40 feet, the Mako certainly has a nice card to play. Less wealthy than some of its competitors, it nevertheless offers real versatility and, above all, a well-placed price without sacrificing construction quality.

Specifications of Mako 414 CC
Specifications of Mako Mako 414 CC

Mako 414 CC

A very beautiful and versatile ship, the SLX 310 offers a truly pleasant and modular living space with a number of storage spaces and equipment. In addition, it offers a really pleasant behaviour, especially in this outboard version, which keeps the whole family busy during a day at sea.

Specifications of Sea Ray 310 SLX
Specifications of Sea Ray Sea Ray 310 SLX

Sea Ray 310 SLX

The Flipper 640 ST, well within the Scandinavian philosophy, offers an interesting alternative between open and day cruisers with simple but clever features and fun and reassuring sailing performance.

Specifications of Bella Boats Flipper 640 St
Specifications of Bella Boats Flipper 640 St

Bella Boats Flipper 640 St

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