Elvene Introduces Amber: The Revolutionary Self-Sufficient Solar-Powered Boat Redefining Freedom on the Seas

Finnish boating company Elvene proudly announces the highly anticipated launch of their newest model, Amber.

Amber, the self-sufficient, planing, solar-powered boat, born in the historical harbour town of Jakobstad, Finland, brings together cutting-edge technology and centuries-old boat-building wisdom to provide an unrivalled boating experience.

"Our mission is to provide smart and effective boating solutions while minimizing energy consumption," says Emil Finne, CEO of Elvene. "Amber showcases our dedication to creating cost-effective, future-proof boats that bring together the best of both worlds.”


With its infinite range, no need for infrastructure and a total weight of a mere 750 kg, Amber opens up a world of possibilities for boating enthusiasts. The super-light flagship model combines the practicality and offshore capabilities of a Center Console with the comfort and overnight possibilities of a Day Cruiser. With a length of 6,2 m, a width of 2,1 m and a top speed of 15 knots, Amber is built for both versatility and performance. The cuddy cabin in the bow comfortably accommodates two persons, while the built-in easy-to-use infotainment system ensures seamless operation. Powered by a fireproof LifePo4 battery and equipped with two independent motors, Amber guarantees both safety and reliability on the water.

Elvene's commitment to sustainability shines through in Amber's eco-friendly features. The boat's solar-powered system, paired with its infinite range and silent operation, allows modern sea lovers to navigate in any weather without noise or emissions. With no maintenance or charging required, Amber provides a hassle-free, self-sustainable boating experience.


Embark on your next adventure by booking a test drive with Amber. For more information, please contact:

Emil Finne

Email: emil@elveneboats.com

Phone: +358 44 777 7269

Website: elveneboats.com


About Elvene:

Elvene is a Finnish boat company that builds solar-powered electrical boats designed for accessibility, ease of use, and exceptional value for money. With their innovative and sustainable approach, Elvene provides modern sea lovers with peaceful, quiet, and maintenance-free freedom on the water.

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