Farndon Marina are proud to announce that we are the distributors for Bulldog Boats

Farndon Marina is proud to announce that we are now the distributor for Bulldog Boats. Bulldog Boats are designers and builders specializing in Ultra-Tough HDPE workboats for the world’s most challenging marine environments.  They are designed to operate in the most extreme environments with minimal maintenance.

HDPE construction material, it provides their boats with the tremendous strength that results is an almost indestructible workboat. Bulldog Boats work with all major engine suppliers OXE, Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, we can also fit in-board engines with sterndrive or waterjet.

Bulldog Boats can offer a bespoke boat built for your industry requirements, ensuring your work vessel is fit for your job. To date, Bulldog Boats have not built two boats the same. 
Also, importantly, in today’s environmental climate. We are pleased to state that Bulldog Boats are 100% recyclable (All HDPE components). You do not need to anti-foul the hull. Again, reducing the amount of pesticides in the water systems and you don't need to fit anodes to the hull either. This in turn reduces time for maintenance, keeping your boat in the water doing what you need it to do.

Bulldog Boats. Designed strong, Built Tough and Constructed with Pride.

Contact us on: 01636705483 or Alex Boden 07809340771 


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