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The Boat on Demand is a pool of boat buyers or a buyer bank.

You are looking for a motor boat, sailboat or semi-rigid / inflatable ?

The interest of using the Boat on Demand is to be able to leave your search available and accessible by all professional sellers.

Thus, you do not have to answer all the advertisements of boats that are likely to interest you. Simply drop your search once in the Boat on Demand and wait to be contacted by phone or e-mail. You describe very precisely the boat you are looking for (brand, model, category, size and above all your budget). This service is completely free of charge.

This positive aspect for the buyer is an additional element of his search even if the registration to the Boat on Demand does not exempt him from answering the advertisements published. This doubles your chances of finding the ideal boat faster.

You are a boating professional and you sell a boat?

Consult the Boat on Demand allows you to optimize the rotation of your stock of boats by saving time. Indeed, the search for a buyer likely to be interested in a new or second-hand boat requires a preponderant phase that takes time in every sense of the word.

Thus, it is necessary to broadcast advertisements to obtain qualified contacts and this phase takes an incompressible time. This requires you to take photos, make a complete description of each boat you own, and buy according to the media distribution packages of advertisements. Finally, receiving, reading and managing contacts is an activity that also requires a lot of time and money. That's why professionals have everything to gain by using the Boat on Demand.

To obtain identifiers allowing you to access the database of qualified Boat on Demand buyers, Contact us on +33(0) or by email via the contact form