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ModelLg.TypeMotor. Start End Min Price Max Price
Arvor 236.70LA115 D 2000 2003 Avail. Avail.
Arvor 236.70LA50 D 1998 2000 Avail. Avail.
Arvor 236.70LA85 D 2000 2002 Avail. Avail.
Arvor 236.70LA-TV130 D 2000 2004 Avail. Avail.

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9.995 £ Incl. VAT

Falcon 23 SPC

146hp Volvo 250 4 cyl petrol Penta (Gas.)



  • 1991
  • Lg. 7.315m.
31.601 £ Incl. VAT

Arvor 230 AS

150hp Transmisión: Eje Volkswagen (Gas.)

Fishing boat, Pleasure Boat, Saltwater Fishing Boat


  • 2009
  • Lg. 6.7m.
48.500 £ Incl. VAT

Seaward 23

2x75hp 4JH2-HTE Yanmar (Die.)

Ancient / Atypical / Cotre, Pleasure Boat, Saltwater Fishing Boat


  • 1998
  • Lg. 7.01m.
87.084 £ Incl. VAT

Cormate U-23 Pro XS

Day Cruiser


  • 2022
  • Lg. 7.01m.
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